from interview with Rebecca Haithcoat via Instagram
Don’t get spooked — despite their gnarled hands, corpse-colored skin and sunken eyes, Scott Radke’s (@scottradkeart) creations come in peace. “If you wanna get creepy with it, it’s real easy! Any film or music video [they are] involved in goes straight to the dark side,” says the 44-year-old sculptor, whose work made a cameo appearance in Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland.” Even if Scott prefers to bring his caterpillar people and bodiless, baby-cheeked creatures to life in suburban Cleveland nature preserves, he understands the desire to situate them in more shadowy worlds. After all, many of them were born there: Before discovering yoga and meditation, Scott displaced his anxiety and panic attacks by carving their faces. “I’ve always been told I was like Eeyore. I’ve had emotions and feelings I wanted to express and there was just no way I could do it with words. It comes out with what I do,” he says. These days, Scott lives with his daughter, their pet chickens and a lot more serenity — which he wants to pay forward to his soulful-eyed sculptures. “I’m pretty happy and content inside,” he says. “I wish I could write my own stories. I’d put them in something with a positive message.”





Video on my book project with Kasra Ghanbari:



Contact: If your interested in any available work or would like to start a commission feel free to contact me through email below or through my facebook or instagram.



Thinkspace Gallery- Culver City, CA
"La Familia 10 Yearsof Thinkpsace - group show

CoproGallery -Santa Monica, CA
"Conjoined V" - group show

Good Goat Gallery- Cleveland OH
"Frozen in Timer" - group show

Gallery Provocateur- Chicago IL
"Monstrum Gallery Showr" - group show

CoproGallery-Santa Monica, CA
"Roadside Attractions" - group show

Aguste Clown Gallery- Aictoria Australia
"Wilderness" - group show


Flower Peper Gallery- Pas. CA
"Mad Hatters" -group show

SmARTspace -Cleveland OH
"9th annual Art fro Animals benefit"

Stranger Factory- Albuquerque, NM

CoproGallery -Santa Monica, CA
"Conjoined III the Final Chapeter" -group show


Loren Naji Gallery - Cleveland, OH
"Then and Now" -group show

Flower Peper Gallery- Pas. CA
"Painted Sound" -group show

CoproGallery -Santa Monica, CA
"Conjoined in II" -group show

Workhouse Art Center- VA
"Urban Decay"


Thinkspace Gallery- Culver City, CA
"Burlap" -solo show

CoproGallery -Santa Monica, CA
"Conjoined in 3d" -group show

Thinkspace Gallery -Culver City, CA
"5th Anniversary Show"

Beyond Eden Art Fair- Los Angeles, CA

Southern Ohio Museum Portsmouth, OH
"Creeping Out the Doll House" group show


Doubting Thomas Gallery- Cleveland OH 10th Anniversary Show

Thinkspace Gallery Culver City, CA
"Picks of the Harvest" - Art Walk Culver city

Strychnin Gallery- London
"7 Year Itch" - Anniversary Group Exhibition

Aqua Art Miami- Miami, Fl
Art Fair

Thinkspace Gallery- Los Angeles, CA
"A Cry for Help" group show

LA Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park- Los Angeles, CA
"Beyond Eden Art Fair" art fair

Jonathan LeVine Gallery- New York, NY
"Beach Blanket Bingo" group show

Steve Brown Gallery- Cleveland, OH
"Brigade" group show

POVevolving Gallery- Los Angeles, CA
"Movers and Shakers" group show

Gallery 1988- San Franacisco, CA
"The Vivisect Playset Five" group show

Thinkspace Gallery- Los Angeles, CA
"Pins and Needles" with Kevin Titzer

Strychnin Gallery- London
"Kings and Queens and Childhood Dreams"
group show

My Plastic Heart-New York, NY
"Attack of the 19in Zliks!"

"Said and Done"-Calgary, AB Canada
collaborative art project number 02

BLK/MRKT Gallery-Culver City, CA
"BMG Artist's Annual" January 14, 2006

M Modern Gallery-Palm Springs, CA
"Blonde Bombshells" January 14, 2006

Strychnin Gallery-Berlin, Germany
"Silent Companions" December 2, 2005

CB's 313 Gallery-New York, NY
Benefit to help CBGB's

"Dark Carnival"
Puck building, hosted by GenArt Ny Ny

Hollywood Athletic Club-Hollywood, CA
"Save Benefit" for Tsunami relief

M Modern Gallery-Palm Springs, CA
"My Way a tribute to the Rat Pack"
group show

M Modern Gallery-Palm Springs, CA
"Things with Wings"
group show

Track 16 Gallery at Bergamont Station-Santa Monica, CA
"Tree Trimmings the Ornament Show"
group show

Tin Man Alley-Philidelphia, PA
"Ghost Town"
group show

Star Shoes-Hollywood, CA
Dress up Radio presented by Oshkin Events

Tin Man Alley-Philidelphia, PA
"Big Men in Little Cars"
A group show of artwork inspired by Shriner's iconography.

CB's 313 Gallery-New York, NY
Group show, April 17

doubting thomas gallery-Cleveland, OH
"New Works by Scott Radke 2nd Anniversary Show" Solo Exhibition

B.K. Smith Gallery- Painseville, OH
"48 Hours of Making Art," supported by the Ohio Arts Council, and in part by the
Harriet B. Storrs Fund of the Cleveland Foundation

Allegro-Cleveland, OH
Solo exhibition

Shaker Heights Library-Shaker Heights, OH
Barbara Luton Art Competition, Awarded 1st Place

Studio 615-Cleveland, OH
"Sculptography" solo exhibition of sand-sculpture photographraphy

1999&2000 Ontario Place- Toronto, CANADA
International Sand-sculpture Exhibition

Art at the Powerhouse- Cleveland, OH
Cleveland Public Theatre Art Auction

CB's 313 Gallery- New York, NY
Sand sculpture photographraphy

9th Street Gallery -Cleveland, OH
March of Dimes; sand-sculpture photography

Edgewater Park Beach-Cleveland, OH
"Erie Sirens," sand-sculptures with choreographer Sarah Morrison

Barth Galleries-Cleveland, OH
" Transient Velvet", group show; drawings and masks

Hi N' Dry-Cleveland, OH
solo exhibition

Massimo De Milano-Cleveland, OH
sand-sculpture photography

Grog Shop-Cleveland, OH
"Drawings by Scott Radke"

Cleveland Public Theatre-Cleveland, OH
"Off-Hollywood Film Festival"; exhibit of drawings on paper


"Mother Corn"
Directed by Guillermo Lecuona 2013
contributed sculpture one of main characters.

"Alice in Wonderland"
Directed by Tim Burton 2010
contributed marionettes to small scene

"Voices In My Head"
documentary- UK 2006
directed by David Malone

The Birthday Massacre
"Blue" music video
2005 doll heads

"Desolation Sound"
Film staring Jennifer Beals
Directed by Scott Webber 2005
British Columbia
Created marionette of Jennifer Beals,
including 10 other marionettes.

"God In The Machine"
Film Staring Thomas Jay Ryan
Directed by Kathleen Harty 2004
Created over 10 marionettes.

"Missed Cues"
Directed by Lisa Seelinger 2005
Provided background drawings and paintings.

Ohio Independant Film Festival
Marionettes and sand sculpture used in trailer
directed by Bernadette Gillota 1999


Scene Magazine best of (2014)
voted best sculptor

Dark Stroies by Dark Artists (2012)
Nia Youjia- Gingko Press INC

Monocyte (2011)
IDW publishing

Hi Fructose Vol.2 (2011)
Last Gasp

Hunt and Gather(2010)
Tina Ziegler- Random House

Moloko issue #9 (2009)cover
Marina Beloklokova (interview)Russia

Mynameis Book #4 (2009)
Editor Mery Jimenez words- Suzy Synchronome
United Kingdom

The Upset Young Contemporary Art (2008)
Editors: R. Klanten, H. Hellige, S. Ehmann, P. Alonzo

Gothic Art Now (2008)
Jasmine Becket-Griffith (Author), Brom (Foreword)

LOOKdeBOOK Ramon Balart

Monsa spring (2008) Eva Minguet

NY Arts Magazine march/ April (2008)

Hi Fructose volume 6 (2008)

Untitled Arts and Culture(2007)

Bizarre Magazine(2006)

Inside Artzine (#11 2006)

DPI Magazine(2006) interview Lulu Tzeng

Refused Arts and Culture Magazine (issue 3 2006) interview Janelle Cimadomo

Skratch Magazine (Sept 2006) interview Renee A. Mallett

Synthesis Magazine (July 2006) interview Rey Roldan

Gothic Beauty (issue #20 2006) interview Michael Overa

BLK/MRKT ONE (April 2006) hardcover, by Die Gestalten Verlag.

Territory Magazine (Volume 4 October 2005) Europe, interview Angelo Superti

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Photographs have been published in the following periodicals:
· The Plain Dealer
· Scene Magazine
· Free Times
· Erie Times
· Cleveland Public Theatre Newsletter and 2000-2001 Season Brochure
· OhioDance newsletter

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